A center diamond is by no means a requirement for a beautiful engagement ring.

Distinctive engagement ring styles featuring non-diamond center stones are becoming an increasingly popular engagement ring trend. Many brides are opting for a pop of color by choosing a vibrant gemstone as their center stone which makes a stunning and unique expression of their love. Gemstones such as sapphire, emerald, and morganite are especially rising in popularity and beloved by celebrities and trendsetters alike. At Brilliant Earth, we are excited to offer a broad range of non-diamond engagement rings that are sure to make a stunning and colorful statement.

Most Popular Non-Diamond Engagement Rings  

The most popular non-diamond engagement rings are those that are both beautiful and hold up very well to everyday wear. Most engagement rings are worn daily and rarely taken off, and some gemstones stand up to daily wear and tear better than others. For those that live an active lifestyle and want a lower maintenance gemstone ring, a sapphire engagement ring is an ideal choice. Sapphires score very highly (a 9 out of 10) on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, which rates minerals on their ability to withstand surface scratching. In fact, one of the only things that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond (and we cannot imagine a scenario in which that would happen in your daily life!). Learn more about the care and cleaning of all types of gemstones in our guide to caring for gemstone rings. 

The most popular sapphire color is rich royal blue, most recently made famous by the sapphire and diamond engagement ring worn by Kate Middleton, and originally worn by Prince William’s mother Princess Diana. MY BEST LOVE offers an extensive collection of sapphire engagement rings. You can also create your own sapphire ring on our website by first choosing your unique sapphire, selecting a ring setting, choosing a metal type, and then seeing your ring come to life by using our Virtual Try On Feature.

While we commonly think of sapphires as being blue, they come in a wide array of colors including yellow, white, pink, green, teal, peach, and red. Along with colorful gemstones, diamond simulants are also becoming an increasingly popular engagement ring trend. Although they have different chemical, optical, and performance properties than diamonds, white sapphires are a prized diamond simulant loved for their bright, white brilliance and extreme durability.